Substance Abuse Policy
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Pan-Ocean Engineering’s objective is to create and maintain an operating environment free of substance abuse.  We believe that substance abuse increases the potential for accidents, absenteeism, substandard performance, and poor employee morale and health, as well as damage to the company’s reputation.  The company has zero tolerance for violations of this Policy and the employment of even first time offenders will be terminated in accordance with relevant law.


To enforce this Policy, Pan-Ocean Engineering will:


  • Ensure that all employees are aware that this Policy covers improper use of prescription medications, as well as abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs and other substances that may alter an individual’s mood perception, coordination, response, performance or judgement.
  • Provide relevant information to raise employee awareness of substance abuse issues and the consequences for violation of this Policy.
  • Provide employees who voluntarily disclose their substance abuse problems with opportunities for rehabilitation, where adequate facilities are available and it is feasible to do so.
  • Offer internal or external resources, where available, to answer employees’ questions regarding the potential work-related impact of over-the-counter or prescription medications.
  • Communicate our commitment to this Policy to our employees, contractors, and visitors and engage their support for creating and maintaining an environment that is free of substance abuse.


We believe that the successful implementation of this Substance Abuse Policy will help ensure a continued safe, healthy and productive work environment.


Denis Gauci


Pan-Ocean Engineering Limted